One on One: Dami Bones

Stay Humble.’

dami  bones

Dami Bones. Waist Coat-Bow Tie.

22 year old, student (Dami Bones) as he is affectionately known by friends, is a lover of fashion, music and sports. Dami plays and teaches three different instruments (Drums, Piano, Guitar). He also plays basketball for his University, where he is currently studying Business Information Systems.

Dami took some time out to share some of his thoughts with us. Here’s how it went down…


What Country were you born in? Where are you based now?

‘I was born and raised in Nigeria but I’ve been in the UK for about six years now. So technically I’m still a freshie *laughs out loud’

What’s your Nigerian name? Do you know what it means when translated into English?

‘Oluwadamilola Olorunsola – God Has Made Me Wealthy’

Who is your favourite Nigerian musician?


What ‘afro beats’ song do you have on repeat at the moment?

‘Davido – Aye’

Hollywood or Nollywood?


When you hear Nigeria, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?


What do you think is holding Nigeria back from developing and pushing forward as a nation?

‘I believe the current governmental regime is holding us back. Unless drastic changes are made from the top, I can only see limited progress taking place.’

If you were President of Nigeria what changes would you make?

‘Remove all current inhabitants of the present Government, as harsh as it may sound. I would seek to introduce a structure which gives everyone an equal opportunity and right to attain success without having to sacrifice their morals.’

Do you see yourself living in Nigeria in the future?


What is the best advice you’ve received?

‘Stay Humble.’

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