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Every once in a while you come across an individual who you just know will become extremely successful. On this occasion, we have two. Friends turned business partners, Joshua Bright and Lekan Doyin-Salau have refreshingly bold and challenging ideas. Both are unassuming, yet supremely talented young graduates, working in London’s financial district. Brimming with innovation, the world is literally their playground. We sat down with them to discuss relationships, their latest business venture, investments and Nigeria.

Here’s how it went down…

LIFE to some means ‘Leaving an Impact For Eternity’. What impact would you like to leave?

L: I’d like to leave an impact of inspiration. Inspiring like-minded people from humble beginnings that you can do well in life, becoming successful and still remain a normal and down to earth person at the same time.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

J: Obtaining a 1st class degree in Maths with Business Management and Finance at the age of 17. It wasn’t easy but I thank God for the opportunity I was given. I enjoyed every minute of my University experience and I definitely matured a lot at a comparatively young age.

Joshua Bright: Those who read will lead

Do you have any interesting hobbies?

L: I enjoy going to big sporting events. I attended the Monaco F1 Grand Prix last year, which was great fun. Hopefully I can get some tickets this year. I enjoy playing football, going to music concerts and festivals. I try to see some of my favourite artists when they’re in London.

Which afro beats song do you currently have on repeat?

J: I have a few but Do As I Say by Weray Ent is definitely getting the most replays.

Do you have any relationship deal breakers? If so, what are they?

L: I’d have to say a key deal breaker would be ambition, someone who has determination to better themselves. It would also be difficult to be with someone with no faith in God. Lastly, they would have to laugh at my jokes otherwise it would go downhill from there! Any other faults could definitely be worked around.

Growing up were you a heartbreaker or heartbroken?

J: I was definitely heartbroken if anything! Some of the girls in my younger days never saw the long term until it was too late. You live and learn right? I have a perfect woman now.

Can you tell us some attributes your ideal partner would have/what are some of the important early questions to ask?

J: If she’s half the woman my mother is I’ll be good. She must have substance which basically means she is more than just her looks. A great personality, be ambitious, funny, smart, beautiful, God fearing and mature to name a few. She has to support Arsenal too or if she doesn’t to start with then she can convert!

L: I would ask, what is their purpose and passion in life? Do you believe in God? What football team do you support?

What would you say is your greatest asset and why?

J: My family. I thank God for supportive parents and loving sisters who keep me motivated. I just want to keep making them proud. My parents helped to lay a firm foundation for us to achieve our dreams. It would be a huge mistake to waste the opportunities we are fortunate to have.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

L: I think two years ago, I would have answered this question very differently. In five years I would just like to see Growth. I’m in the early stages of my career and I’d like see myself develop within my job role, be closer to marriage with my girlfriend and saving towards a home for my future children.

Lekan Doyin-Salau: Never Stop Learning

You’re part of a movement gathering momentum called Capital Moments. Can you tell our readers more about this?

J: Capital Moments in one sentence is ‘Everything finance related you think you know at 25 that you wish you knew at 16’The team consists of four guys (Lekz, Demi, Saeed and I), all with backgrounds in finance, economics and business. With three members working at major investment banks and the other working within Real Estate. We’ve all worked incredibly hard to get to where we are but we understand that we were fortunate and grateful to have received great advice and have been presented with opportunities to apply this advice. As we continue to learn, we would love to pass this on to others.

When it comes to finance, those with the most information are often the winners. We aim to level the playing field by taking the jargon fuelled topics and breaking them down to their simplest form. We seek to do this by combining our knowledge with some light hearted humour. We’re just as passionate about sports, music and Krispy Kremes’ as we are finance, entrepreneurship and innovation. Ultimately, we want to educate and challenge the mind-set of our generation.

How did this come about and what can we expect from the Capital Moments team for the rest of this year?

L: I can’t talk enough about it! I had been writing a blog on economics and financial markets for a few months when Josh approached me about a project he wanted to launch. I came up with the name and the rest is history.

We aim to showcase the talent in London through visual media, perhaps in the form of a show. This would provide us with a platform to attract influential leaders to share their success stories for the younger viewers to draw inspiration. We also want to ensure the show is as interactive as possible. This would allow young students and professionals to showcase their opinions and views on important topics also allowing students to have access to senior leaders who can assist them on their journeys.

The eyes of the world seem to be on Nigeria at the moment. What are your thoughts on the issue of Boko Haram, do you see a solution?

L: It’s very sad. Many people aren’t aware that Boko Haram aim to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation. How does abducting over 200 young girls from school serve that purpose? My prayer is that God takes control. There is always a solution when God is involved – what that is, I don’t know but I pray it is found sooner rather than later. We should all keep Nigeria in our prayers at this time.

If you were President of Nigeria, can you name 3 changes you would seek to implement?

J: This is a difficult question to answer without sounding too controversial! To be honest I would invest heavily in the infrastructure of the country to get it to the level that it should be now it is in the top 30 economies in the world and boasts the largest economy in Africa. Finding a solution to the problem with electricity cutting out would definitely be top of my list. Secondly I would look to address the growing problem of poverty in the country. On one hand you have Nigeria the largest economy in Africa and on the other hand you have Nigeria number 3 on the world bank poverty index with a large population living on $1 dollar a day. Inequality is a major problem which needs to be addressed. How to address it is the million dollar question but I’m sure there is a way! Finally I would rehire Mr Lamido Sanusi the former Central bank Governor who was determined to eradicate corruption which has plagued the country for many years now.

Joshua in Nigerian traditional wear

How would you pitch Nigeria to Non – Nigerians as a holiday destination or a place of investment?

L: Most people would primarily think of Lagos due to its vibrant culture and club scene however I’d choose Calabar. Located on the South eastern coast of the country, the Tinapa Calabar resort provides beautiful weather with beaches, waterparks and world class hotels. There is no reason why Calabar cannot appeal to tourists as other popular African holiday destinations such as Sharm el Sheikh & Marrakech.

As an investment opening, Nigeria has a wealth of opportunities. The infancy of technology within the agriculture sector, the booming banking sector, telecommunications and entertainment or even the most well known oil and gas industry. There are a range of markets to exploit in Nigeria with the right mix of expertise and determination.

Do you believe in investing/entrepreneurship?

L: Most definitely, I think it is imperative that every young person working understands the benefits of investing but also more importantly managing their money. How to best save for their mortgage, wedding or even their first child. So many people graduate university with expertise in specialized fields but no financial sense on how to even manage their monthly phone bill.

I also place strong importance on entrepreneurship, especially for young people. When we are young, we are often at our most creative when we have less inhibitions and responsibilities. Entrepreneurship should not be limited. My first entrepreneurial activities involved tutoring younger students for money during college and organizing raves during university. All invaluable experiences that have made me the person I am today. 

photo 2
“I would just like to see Growth”

Tell us what investments you’re currently excited about and why?

J: I am keeping an eye in Nigerian oil company Seplat who recently became the first company to list on both the Nigerian and London stock exchange. They have recorded consistent growth year on year so it will be interesting to see what happens to their share price and whether there is long term upside in the stock. Also, the capital appreciation on properties in an around London is something that doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon…

What’s the most memorable piece of advice you’ve been given or would like to give?

L: I definitely say ‘never stop learning’. Never be afraid to learn and ask questions to develop yourself and embrace new experiences and opportunities.

J: Those who read will lead. My Dad used to say this to me and my sisters to drum home the importance of obtaining a solid education.

Where can our readers get more information about Capital Moments?

Twitter/ Instagram – @capitalmoments

Our Website:

C A P I T A L – M O M E N T S

Learn. Earn. Serve.

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