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Tosin, North Dakota U.S.A
Tosin, North Dakota U.S.A


The more I get to understand Nigerians (with the ‘typical nigerian mentality‘), the more I have a better insight into why Nigeria is the way it is today. A few words that come to mind are; greed, corrupt and tribalistic. The country may never achieve its potential, unless the people start evaluating their thought patterns and taking responsibility by changing their behavior.

The sad part is how many places of worship we have all around the country. There may be more places of worship than actual schools and they all lay claim to knowing God. The question truly should be, have you been your brothers keeper? Would your spiritual Saviour be proud of the values which you live your life by? We shouldn’t use religion as a mask, rather we ought to express enduring human virtures such as; Love, Truth, Charity, Loyalty, Forgiveness, Unity, Kindness, Honor and Hope.

It’s quite surreal that songs Fela Kuti sang decades ago still apply today, in 2014. Apologies if I appear pessimistic about the likelihood of things changing. Change must start from within, paraphrasing Martin Luther King, ‘darkness doesn’t drive out darkness, light does’ and from what I see, no one is ready to start taking ownership of their actions whether caught in the act or not.


Do you agree or disagree with Tosins views?  

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2 Replies to “Join the Discussion: Tosin’s view”

  1. This article brings about sound reasoning and an indept insight into how Nigeria got to its crippling state. The writer is asking indirectly, what have we all contributed? Even in our homes and jobs because its the behaviours and habits you are used to as a child that you’re likely to portray when older and put in a place of authority. I also love the reference made to Fela Kuti and Martin Luther King, this so true.


    1. May,

      Old habits die hard!

      As you rightfully said, change starts from within and around each of us. We should all play a part by venturing into our communities, setting an example and assisting where possible.

      Sometimes, this is still not an easy task as we can be our own worst enemies.

      Thank you for your insight.


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