Interview with YouTube Guru, @SincerelyOghosa


I used to think ‘Oh no! what would happen if this person or that person sees this?’ I quickly realised thinking like that only causes fear and fear prevents us from doing amazing things. It would have prevented me from speaking to thousands of people; Speaking to their hearts about these tough issues.
Social Media platforms play an increasingly pivotal role in showcasing talent today. We live in an era where it comes as no surprise to see a friend you grew up with turn into an online sensation ‘overnight’. Having found her niche in the YouTube world with over 13,000 subscribers, Fashion and Lifestyle guru Sincerely Oghosa shares with us her challenges thus far, what keeps her going, and more!

Oghosa, we would love to know – at what point did you decide to pick up a camera and start your own YouTube channel?

I decided to start my own youtube channel, ‘Sincerely Oghosa’ in December 2010 during my first year at university. Initially, I found it difficult to chose a degree subject I was passionate about due to parental influence. My parents pushed for me to study Law and so having discovered that I had earned a place at my university through the clearing system, I needed a creative outlet. Voila!

African parents right? The process of having to edit and upload videos for an expectant crowd must be draining. What keeps you going?

Honestly, it’s just God. Yes, It can be exhausting but I cannot think of a reward that comes first without putting in some work. Oh, and I also happen to have this annoying inability to give up. Having the drive and talent to do or be good at something also counts for a great deal.

You have aired some of your personal life experiences as well as controversial views with your viewers and subscribers using YouTube. Do you find it hard to continue to share your experiences knowing those closest to you could be watching?

Hmm, initially I did. I used to think ‘Oh no! what would happen if this person or that person sees this? I quickly realised thinking like that only causes fear and fear prevents us from doing amazing things. It would have prevented me from speaking to thousands of people; Speaking to their hearts about these tough issues.

Do you have a favourite video you are most proud of? And why?

Yes! I published a video earlier this year in february entitled ‘Pornography was my addiction’ (go watch it!) which has received over 64,000 views so far. I am proud of all of my videos of course, but making this video took so much damn strength and I really felt lead by God to do it.

That was a brave step for you to take as Pornography is often a very sensitive subject. Were you anxious?

I was very anxious but after the feedback I received, I am proud I obeyed as it’s touched thousands upon thousands of people. Phew!

 Your videos are very much about your personal experiences as you take on sensitive topics. Can you recount the most memorable comment you’ve ever received? 

*laughs Honestly, the absurd comments left by some people are hard to forget;  I mean, you just have to wonder..‘Where do these people come from?‘ I’ve had it all- Death threats from people who I (thankfully) haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting, being called a w*ore, b*tch, and everything under the sun.

Wow! That sounds like something that can prove strenuous to deal with especially if you’re you’re caught unaware? 

Well, I suppose that comes with the territory especially with a huge platform such as You-tube. It’s important to just be aware that when you broadcast your opinion on any issue online, you’re bound to get some backlash from certain people. I recall an account that I blocked over 3 times as whoever it was constantly persisted in inciting negativity in my videos. Thankfully, those who are close to me are in full support of what I do!

What are some important lessons you have learned since starting your You-Tube channel?

Considering my experience in terms of producing youtube videos and the challenges I have had to overcome, I would say a support unit whether from family, friends, or subscribers as well as inner confidence is very important. I’ve also learned not to take critisism to heart. I would also like to add that being friends with, and networking with other youtube gurus is very important as it gives that added support, partnership and vareity to what you already do. Do not be afraid to reach out!

What are the best and worst things about being a You-tube guru?

Personally, the best thing I’ve found is the constant support, love and help from people who do not know me but genuinely are interested in my life and just GET me, and all my weird quirks.  I am entirely grateful for the many ‘pinch me I’m dreaming’ moments, as well as the unique opportunities that have been presented to me. Attending London fashion week was one of the best days of my life.
The not so nice aspects I’ve found is the rudeness, weird people and the racist and overzealous comments I receive. 

What is the hardest challenge you have had to overcome?

I think the hardest challenge I have ever faced was getting through my gap year with no support from my parents. During a particular time of my life, I also lost some dear friends who were not supportive. I would describe the years 2012-2013 as the darkest seasons of my life. I mostly held on to the good friends I had, held on to God and knew I could not give up. And thank GOD I didn’t!

Oghosa, that is so Inspiring to hear. It is easy to tell that the tough moments you faced  not only played a part in shaping you into a better person but also inspired such growth in you. We’ve asked the serious questions and now, it’s time for some quick fire Questions! 




What companies have you been in contact with as a result of You Tube?

Oh gosh. Quite a few and some I unfortunately cannot mention for legal purposes. However, the BBC is  one of the largest companies I’ve worked with. Sometimes I think it’s all just a dream!

When you aren’t busy putting together a video, what do you enjoy doing?
I like being by myself lol! In bed, watching movies and on my phone. Don’t be alarmed though, I do love eating good food, dancing and hitting the town with good friends – ooo and my brother too (who is hilarious). 
What do you aspire to become?

Eventually, I want to become a Producer and Director. By God’s grace, I would love to take my videos to the next platform and own a production company.

What is your best feature?
*she laughs! Pfft. I don’t think I have one (Quite like my waist which is unusually tiny at 24″).
Do you identify yourself as more British than Nigerian? Vice-versa or both?
That is such a funny question. I am definitely both but being born and brought up here in the U.K also makes me very westernised. It’s a cool mix: I love Nigerian culture so much but then I adore western history, music, and art. I have been brought up around it so I guess that makes sense!
Sidenote – I believe those of you who deny that the country of your birth is irrelevant to your identity as an African/Nigerian are wrong. 
Do you have a favourite afro-beats song at the moment?
So many. I am literally a massive afro beats fan. Can I say that I am still hooked on Dorobucci? (yes o), I also still love some ‘old’ favourites like Adonai, Limpopo by K-Cee, and Show You The Money by the legend, Wizkid.
What are your favourite spots or areas to hang-out in London?

I love chilling with friends in Shoreditch. I go to a lot of shows and acoustic nights there and I so love grabbing a bite to eat there too. Central London is just it!

Could you see yourself living in Nigeria?
Yes, I think so but I love travelling and being in different places so I definitely wouldn’t limit my location preferences.
Do you have a crush at the moment?

Haha! The question should be..’When do I NOT have a crush?’

Hmm, okay we won’t push you further anymore. What are your favourite item to spend money on?
Clothes at the moment 😀
What are your future plans for ‘Sincerely Oghosa’ as a platform?
I want my channel to expand and become a platform for comedy skits, shows and films I plan to produce in the near future. Watch this space!
Can you give our readers any advice who feel they are too shy to start making their own You Tube videos?
If there is passion there (and I realise I am about to quote the Nike Slogan), I would say Just do it because you are passionate about it. It is very important to be yourself and to find that inner confidence before you start your channel as YouTube can be a cold world. You will be putting yourself out on a platform to potentially millions of people so be prepared or you could crumble. 
Where can we hear more from you?

I’m on twitter at @sincerelyoghosa and I also have a website check it out!


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