Too much ‘drama’ in my life

Continuing our ‘Time Management’ theme we take a look at the rise of online TV shows. Last time around, Afolabi spoke about learning to be passionate about our responsibilities in order to cope with pressure. This time, Olu takes a look at the potential impact online drama is having on us all, whether we realise it or not.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever declined the invitation to a social event, in order to get comfy, grab the laptop and become glued to your favourite online TV series. Chances are, if you haven’t done this, someone has to you! Make sure you join the discussion by commenting and letting us know your thoughts…


Have you ever asked yourself “how many hours in a week do I watch TV shows?” 

It may not be a lot for everyone but for the majority, you’ll be surprised once you know the answer! In this new era driven by technology, you can find anything to watch on the Internet; from the first James bond movie to the entire seasons of Game of Thrones. We don’t need a TV to watch TV. We are living in a world where access to films and shows are easy, cheap and current. All we have to do is wait 24 hours after it airs on TV in America and TA DA! The latest episode is beaming from our laptop screens in the UK (subject to broadband speed of course).

idris elba Luther artWe’ve all had that withdrawal symptom of waiting for the next episode to be released after a writers break, thanksgiving or even a season finale. We start to unconsciously live our lives according to the TV guide. Friday nights used to be about going out with friends, enjoying their company and socialising but now we’re quite happy to have a date with the sofa, stay in and catch up on our multiple shows. Who watches one show at a time!

As the quality of content, screen writing, graphics, plots and actors has improved over the years, this has made TV shows more entertaining and hard to miss. The more demand there is, the more shows are created. Now we are spoilt for choice. Whether you watch; dramas, soaps, action, reality TV (debatable), sport and so on, we now have more options than we use too.

Personally, there’s too much drama in my life…but the show must go on right?

houseOfCardsUltimately, it’s up to you to be mindful of the time you spend watching TV shows. One 40min episode can turn pretty quickly to a whole season done and dusted by the weekend. Be selective with the quality of shows you watch. This is because one day you may become what you see on TV. So watch what you learn and learn what to watch. Once in a while, ask yourself “how many hours in a week do I watch TV shows?” and then follow this up with “how else can I better spend my time?”

Now that I’ve finished this article, it’s time to watch Breaking Bad!

Olu Odubajo 


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  1. Great one bro! It’s true. My comparable vices have tended to be arsenal news and new songs on YouTube. This article is a great nudge in the right direction

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