Ode to My Mother (Mother’s Day 2014)

When I think about Mothers, the first word that comes to mind is ‘selflessness’.

I remember being in year 10, when my Mum was called into my school (for the umpteenth time). I had just been in an altercation and my headmaster was threatening to expel me. My Mum was asked to come in for an emergency meeting with the Head and Assistant Head. I had been accused of GBH on a member of staff!

So what happened?

I remember it vividly to this day. On an extremely hot day in June, at an all boy Grammar School in Kent. It was the last class of the day and we had a supply teacher – whom I’ll call Mr P, for the purposes of this article. Mr P was a nice guy in my opinion but most students would pick on him as they saw him as an easy target. One of the boys had a recorded alarm bell on his phone which he set off 10 minutes before the actual real school bell. So everyone ran towards the door – however Mr P suspected something wasn’t right so he held us all up at the door. With over thirty prepubescent school boys trying to get out of a small class door, much pushing and shoving went on. Mr. P ended up flattened on the floor. The whole class was in uproar. Just then, a senior member of staff walked by and I was the closest to Mr P. Having a reputation at this point didn’t help. I was called out immediately.

**Fast forward to the meeting with my School Principal

Head Master: “Frankly: this is the worst incident I have ever come across in over 35 years I’ve been head teacher of this school. I personally believe Kenny should be suspended indefinitely. However my assistant believes that a full expulsion is more fitting. Kenny is lucky Mr P. has decided not to press charges otherwise he could have been facing a criminal prosecution”

At this point my Mother, who hadn’t spoken to me since the incident, produced the best defence I had ever seen in my life. I cannot remember her exact words but all I was thinking was – “is this the same woman who was whoopin’ my ass last night??” I was afraid and in awe at the same time. Everyone in the room was. My Dad just sat there nodding soberly, as my Mum took centre stage. This was her moment. I guess she remembered the 9 months she carried me, the years she took extra effort into teaching me good morals and manners, the extra mile her and my Dad went to ensure I had access to the best possible education. At that moment – her love for me overcame every other emotion. Needless to say, the Board who had already made up their minds about me and my future went on to overturn their decision.

I went on to achieve one of the best A- level results in my year. My final day at Dartford Grammar School for Boys was an awards ceremony, where I was presented a prize for the best Humanities grades (English Literature, Philosophy and History). And guess who handed over my prize? You guessed it. My Head teacher shook my hand as we both smiled for the camera…while my Mum took the picture.

Thank you, to my ‘words can’t describe how much I love you Mother’. Happy Mother’s Day!

“All that I am and ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother”

By Kenny GB

2 Replies to “Ode to My Mother (Mother’s Day 2014)”

  1. Mothers are truly a gift from God to help us on our journey! A great post of reflection.


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