One on One: DJ Starzy

‘If you apply yourself correctly, you will see success – God willing’

Ore suited

From humble beginnings in Kent, via Loughborough University in the East Midlands. To now performing at some of London’s plushest locations, it’s fair to say 2014 has been a breakout year for (DJ Starzy). His signature afro-beat mixes are consistently anticipated by a growing international audience and have coincided with the genres recent rapid rise. DJ Starzy is increasingly becoming a name to watch out for.

We caught up with him and & here’s how it went down..

What’s your favourite Nigerian name and what does it mean in English?

‘Ifeoluwa, it means love of God’

What’s the best thing about being a DJ?

‘Receiving positive feedback from people after I’ve done well’

How tall are you?


What type of women do you go for?

‘Easy question. It has to be Nigerian women. Everybody knows the true diamonds are from Naija’

Do you have a celebrity crush?

‘Yes o! Tiwa Savage’

Which artists are currently getting the most love in the club?

‘WizKid & David O’

Mom or Daddies boy?

‘I’m a man’s man but I’m probably a mummies boy at heart *laughs out loud*. My Mum is my best friend’

Ore mum
All Smiles: DJ Starzy and Mum

How do you stay motivated?

‘By a desire to be the best. Whether that be studying to pass an exam or mixing in the studio. When I get a hold of something I can’t stop working on it until it is perfect in my eyes’

Can you name 4 issues currently holding Nigeria back as a nation?

‘Lack of integrity, greed, pride and lack of effective leadership. All four are interlinked. They combine to create a society where corruption is seen as normal. But personally, I prefer to focus on the positives! Look at it this way, things can only get better’

As a DJ you have the opportunity to influence a lot of people. What advice would you give to our readers?

‘If you apply yourself correctly, you will see success – as long as God wills’

Be sure to check out DJ Starzy’s soundcloud mixes:

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