Why do we Love Nigeria? Read our 10 Fun Reasons!

We could not have this blog without discussing why we love our country, so we’ve complied our list of 10 short but fun reasons why we love Nigeria. 


Oya Let’s begin! 😀


1. Our Food

Nigerians love their food far too much. If you dare throw a party without enough jollof rice or Malta Guinness, be prepared for a stampede. As some of you may have witnessed, it is our aunties that can fight for that last dish like no other!

(Side note: Does anyone else also dislike how some of the adults ‘happen’ to bring their empty containers along to services or events just to take some extra food back home too? especially if there is not enough food to go around in the first place?) Grinds my gears! so there had better be enough chicken after church celebrations or else people will go home in tears.

2. The People

Hmm this one is tricky! See – Our people can either be the most welcoming and well-cultured people, or the greediest and Scheming people you’ve met. I’m sure we’ve all received that ‘crucial’ email from that ‘Nigerian Prince’ somewhere far away needing assistance from us haven’t we? And also, aren’t some of the drama scenes from these Nollywood movies actually the daily lives of some Naija folks out there?

God will help us oo. Some of us are either dealing with wahala (serious issues) or living carefree lives.

3. Speaking of Nollywood..

Which Naija person hasn’t ever tuned into Irokotv? Some of us love the drama from Nollywood, whilst some of us watch it to laugh at the funny ‘American’ accents of the actors. How about the over-dramatic women who start rolling on the floor as soon as they receive some bad news? or the obviously toy helicopter made to look like a real one in movies when we can clearly see a hand too? Ooh Nollywood we love you!

4. Social life in big cities

In contrast with western civilisation, Nigeria is a place where you do not have to book an appointment to see your friends to go out (Yes! you really just turn up and hope they’re in). One thing about cities such as Lagos, is that there are a lot of clubs but very few places such as the cinema, or a bowling venue where people can just hang out. Perhaps that will improve.

5. For those that do not live in big cities

Now, don’t you just love how everyone seems to know everyone else living on the same street? The communal sense in smaller towns adds to the ‘buzz’ of daily life. The children know each other, they know the Fan Milk guy, and mama so so and so who sells rice and stew. A child is seen as everyone’s child and cared for by the community.

6. Afrobeats

We aren’t doing so bad with Afrobeats now are we? From Wizkid, D’Banj, and Flavour, we love our Afrobeats! At weddings we must play out Afrobeats, At any event, we must play Afrobeats. It is amazing how Afrobeats such as ‘Oliver Twist’ have reached the western world that even Britons and Americans tune into the sounds ehn?!

There’s something about Afrobeats just elevates one’s mood!

7. Upbringing

From young ages, our parents have disciplined us and instilled in us the value of respect for what they stand for in our lives, for others, and for our elders. In Yoruba culture for example, the young courtesy for the elder. Our parents are important to us!

PS: Most of those African Parents’ memes are somewhat true *Sigh

8. Tribes 

With Over 500 languages and 3 main tribes (Igbo Hausa & Yoruba), Nigeria certainly offers a lot of diversity in its 36 states! Although most people speak English as a second or first language, We can never be bored or unappreciative of our cultural and linguistic heritage!

9. Fashion Fierce!

The Ankara Ankara Ankara! trend is On – Our youngsters are looking ever so stylish and we are seeing more and more westerners and hollywood celebrities such as Solange Knowles and Angela Simmons wearing print! Some upcoming designers and fashion boutiques are now even selling out on ankara printed accessories, shoes & bags. To add to this, our younger generation are absolutely loving the traditional wear such as the ‘buba’ and headgear (gele) worn by the ladies! Our parents must be overjoyed. Looks like the days where they would have had to force us into traditional wear are long gone! who’d have thought?

10. Weather

The greenery and humid air of Naija goes hand-in-hand with its hot tropical weather and dusty roads, and a lot of ‘exotic’ fruits, plants and trees such as Mango, cocoyam and palmtrees are able to thrive because of the this reason. I’d at times of course also see some strange (sometimes) colourful insects that I don’t really recognise when I visit Nigeria, and I’d think to myself.. ‘Nawa. Which kind be this one?’

For those who also go back home periodically, we all know about those mosquito bites that leave your skin so itchy. Chai!


So there you have it – 10 reasons we love Naija! What are yours? Do you have a favourite past-time to share?

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