We were there – were you? @africafwl (Review 1)


Whilst the rest of the UK basked themselves in the sun, we headed to Kensington Olympia on Friday 8th August, for Africa Fashion Week London.

Our journey?

Well, here’s the thing – our Nigerian time certainly set in before we left! As our first attending event, we really did not want to be late, and so we were anxious as to what to expect. With the directions on hand, the journey at first glance seemed so simple. I mean – who doesn’t know how to get to Olympia especially when It’s written clearly on the tube map? Apparently us! Deep in conversation, we made the mistake of taking trains going the opposite direction not once, but twice! So as you can imagine, the journey did not turn out quite as straightforward as we had thought.

Before we arrived at the venue (Olympia), we had already met an array of budding fashionistas sporting their unique looks and personal styles not only in ankara wear, but also in bowl hats, denim and sunglasses. On seeing the display, Our first thoughts were, ‘Why didn’t we come dressed in Ankara?!’

As we laughed onwards inside Olympia, we were warmly greeted by a young lady called Bria, who kindly assisted us with our entrance into the show. In our excitement, we couldn’t help but ask her questions about the show. We were also impressed when she informed us of her hair business, which she seemed very much enthusiastic about. After all, Seeing young people creating opportunities in life for themselves is what interests us!

As we waited for the show to start at 4pm, we had a chance to take in the atmosphere surrounding us With camera flashes capturing the moment, guests and attendees chatting away, and fellow bloggers seizing opportunities for an interview with the most fashionable, we perused the market stalls to see if we could spot some good buys too!

As the time geared towards 4pm, we started to take our seats along the runway. Several chit-chats later, the music started, and the show began. Now, this is where things became interesting! As the music pumped louder, Models of all ethnicities and shape began to strut their stuff on the runway, flaunting big hair, huge sunglasses, jewellery, ankara designs, and head wraps. For each designer featured, they were required to make an appearance at the end of the runway, so that credit would be given for their work.


As the show went on with photographers aiming to capture the moment, we were holding a competition of our own: To see which of us could take the better picture. Now although that kept us entertained, we started feeling hungry shortly afterwards.

After the show, we were surprised to have spotted popular YouTube gurus @sincerelyoghsa and @lizlizlive, whom we took our time speaking to! We also spotted some familiar faces, which left us feeling even more at ease. We also spoke to C.J who helped organised event, and who also kindly let us take a photo with his beautiful daughter!

All in all, we left AFWL with inspiration in our hearts, and vision in our minds. With AFWL being our first event, we are evermore so excited about what’s next to come!


Chi Eneje and Kenny GB

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