Awesome Socks!

With the first week of September over and a new academic year just on the horizon, we would like to wish both new and returning students the best of luck with their studies. While it’s important to spend time with your books, it’s equally important to engage with people who add value to you and to invest in friendships with people who share your values. 

Be inspired by Moyo’s University experience below…


Just before I went to uni, I prayed that I would meet people who shared the same values with me or people I could connect with in a ‘good’ way but that didn’t happen till my final year. I didn’t necessarily pray about it, it was just one of my heart desires if you like that God in His awesomeness decided to honour. I got to meet 4 very special individuals whom God used to teach me a lot about practical Christianity. Meet them below


EK- Her full name is Ekondu which means ‘God’s own’ and there is never a dull moment around this girl. She has one of the sweetest/most vibrant personalities I know of and you can see the love of God shine through in her utterances and attitude. I learnt a lot from her but the lessons that stood out for me were that of faith and positivity. How do you explain someone being so positive even when things are not going according to plan? Yup EK is one of those. I can almost hear her voice whilst writing this post saying ‘I’m sure you’ll be fine or I’m sure it’s going to work out well’. On faith-she once told us a story on how after having lunch one day she reacted to what she ate and felt a bump around her mouth. Rather than panic or go speak to the GP like I might have done, she prayed and told God to get rid of it and voila within a few minutes of praying it had disappeared. Things like this aren’t ordinary to me or coincidental. She believed God was going to heal her and He honoured her faith. EK! Keep being awesome


Jun- Jun is a special breed.  There are not many Jun’s around. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone more on fire for God.

I remember shortly after I first met her, we had a discussion where she gave me a few tips on how improve my bible reading skills. Just like EK, very vibrant and selfless personality. I learnt a lot from Jun as well but the lessons that stood out for me were her level of intercession for others and her strength to hold on to God’s word during tough times. Like who goes out of their way to pray for their flatmate to know Christ? I know who- Jun. Funny thing is that I think God actually created an avenue where she could actually speak to one or two of them if I remember correctly. It’s not just something that ever crossed my mind. Pray for my flatmate? I hadn’t finished praying for myself or family or friends. Praying wasn’t my strongest point either. But this was an act of obedience to the word and that of selflessness- yes you’re allowed to pray for people you don’t know as well Moyo- it really is allowed. I remember when her mum wasn’t feeling too well, she would encourage herself as well as encourage us with the scriptures. This really inspired me. Keep being awesome Jun! The world needs more of you


Hansen- Hansen is one of the coolest dudes I know! He’s the youngest of the gang and sometimes quite gullible lol but he’s special still. Like EK and Jun, he’s fun to be around. When I think of Hansen, reverence comes to mind. And of many things I learnt from him, this stands out. I can get pretty serious when it comes to academic stuff so for example if I have an essay due in a bit or an exam I don’t feel well prepared for then things like small group meetings or even a Sunday service will ‘kindahavetotakeabackseat’ meaning books before God even though looking back this wasn’t just it. Hansen however always put God before books/events. I can’t remember him missing a small group meeting because an essay was due or missing a church service because he was not well prepared for an exam. In fact I remember an occasion where he had a test coming up real soon and I don’t think he was a 100% prepared for it but still he made it to the meeting! I’m not surprised he got a really high score in that test since Matthew 6:33 remind us that ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and these things will be added unto you’ Hansen keep up with the reverence and thanks for showing me how its done!


Keshia– It took me ages to learn how to pronounce her name. 

I was used to ‘Keisha’ so to help me remember, I tried to spell it out as ‘K-shee-a’ in my head before saying it out until I got used to the right pronunciation (confession time lol). Keshia is a very sweet person and like EK, Jun and Hansen, it’s always a blessing hanging out with her. Of the numerous lessons I learnt from her, the one that stood out for me was the way she meditated on the Word. During small group meetings/Sunday services I would watch as she gladly and regularly took notes of the discussions as well as listened to how she made valuable contributions to topics being discussed-the kind that could only come from digesting God’s word through meditation. Keshia keep studying His Word as it is a ‘lamp for your feet and a light to your part’ Psalm 119:105 and thanks for inspiring me!


How did the name ‘Awesome socks’ come about? I think it must have been Jun or Keshia who created the group on whatsapp- I can’t actually remember and we get to share our awesomeness on there with one another. A newer version has just been released (the group has been renamed) ‘Awesome Socks 2.0’ where the awesomeness is growing everyday Lol.

EK, Jun, Hansen and Keshia, I am so thankful to God that our paths crossed and I’m thankful for what God has used you guys to teach me in this Christian journey. Pls keep touching the lives of those you meet and I hope to see you all soon! I love and miss you guys xx




Group Shot .x








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