‘Supporting Naija from Afar?’ Kola’s video

Kola caused quite a bit of a stir when she posted this video on YouTube a year ago. To be honest, I am not surprised at how many comments her video still receives to date. The first time I watched Kola speak on her reasons as to why she will not be moving back to Nigeria, I was left completely stunned. My first thought went something along the lines of, ‘Wow! what a very opinionated lady!’  Needless to say, when such strong negative views regarding your own country is posted on a website where millions of users log in everyday, it is bound to stir up some trouble! and with over 55,000 video views and ongoing comments (mostly from angry Nigerians), it is no wonder why her video had gone viral.

So what are your thoughts? leave your comments below and watch out for our take on her video tomorrow afternoon!

2 Replies to “‘Supporting Naija from Afar?’ Kola’s video”

  1. I’m not Nigerian and I find her points harsh and maybe misinformed. No country is perfect but washing our hands and standing on the sideline (or should say sipping on Starbucks) doesn’t help. if you can’t do anything physically to change be a supporter vocally but don’t join the bandwagon of naysayers.


    1. she’s very opinionated isn’t she? I think it’s the manner and attitude in which she expressed her opinions that got everyone upset and you’re right in that no country is perfect – Thanks for your input :).


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