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‘You Never know when it’s the right time, you just try. Although I was working with different people, I had always known I wanted to do my own thing. I felt that if I wasn’t going to do this now, I would never do it. There’s always an excuse not to do something or go for what you believe in and so I felt that in my bravest moment, I decided I was going to do this no matter what happens.’ – Ade Adebayo Lawal

Having featured in the likes of Vogue Magazine, ELLE, MARIE CLAIRE, and other grande fashion powerhouses, Orange Culture’s soaring popularity has come as no surprise. With its quirky, bold African-yet-modern designs and fashionable attires that cater to both western and African worlds, founder and creative director Adebayo Oke- Lawal  has worked tirelessly to captivate the masses through his creative brand. Prior to its establishment in 2011, Orange Culture’s Adebayo had been no stranger to the world of design. Describing his first fashion ‘A-ha!’ moment, Adebayo mentions in his interview with Pulse TV Nigeria how he used to send his illustrations to a small boutique store all the way from Nigeria at the tender age of 10.

‘I started drawing at the age of 10 and began sending my sketches to a small boutique store in England where my auntie used to work. It was a small store but they approved my designs and would use them for their pieces. From then on, I spent most of my time just sketching. I just knew that it was not a path I was willing to forgo.’ He describes. 

As a young adult, Adebayo made the plunge into the fashion industry after forgoing a career in Finance. Initially, he began writing, styling, and working with African designers, Actors, Pop stars and well known magazines. Early life exposure in the fashion industry along with genuine passion for design had eventually led Adebayo unto the path of creating his own label, Orange Culture. Asked whether his parents were supportive, Adebayo mentions that in an industry where only the best of the best make it, his parents were initially worried.

‘I had graduated with a degree in Finance (as my dad wanted me to), so that helped balance things out. I think my parents were worried – not because they didn’t want me to be happy, but were worried as to how I’d be able to have a future that’s substantial in my chosen career path. With time and with the speed my career has been able to move, my parents have been very supportive.’ 

Speaking about his brand, Adebayo describes Orange Culture as a ‘movement’ more than a clothing line. He describes Orange Culture for the ‘Self Aware, Expressive, Explorative, Art-loving Nomad.’ Although his label had produced womenswear options, it developed to focus more-so on the Gents. In an industry where most fashion-geared labels cater primarily to women, this is a welcomed breath of fresh air!

Amongst his achievements and editorial features, young Adebayo took his SS16 collection to the Italian runway just last summer June 2015, featuring alongside other highly regarded designers such as Ivory Coast & UK designer Alexis Temomanin of Dent de Man. The show, entitled ‘Constellation Africa,’ was Pitti Immagine’s 88th show.

It’s onwards and upwards for Orange Culture, and we are excited to see the movement garnering it’s well deserved attention!

Check out his latest work below. For more, visit:


Instagram: @orangecultureng


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