Young CEO’s: The Man Behind Link Up TV

We sit down with talented, young and ambitious entrepreneurs. Read about them before the rest of the world does!


Link Up TV founder, Rashid Kasirye (centre) alongside 2015 MOBO award winners Krept & Konan

Link Up TV

Link Up TV is one of the U.K’s premiere online music and talent platforms. With millions of monthly YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Rashid’s bold vision of becoming ‘Number 1 for talent and entertainment’ is becoming a reality. The online broadcasting channel focusses on unsigned and emerging artists, showcasing their many talents. Since it was founded, Link Up TV has continued to evolve, creating a thriving business for the 25 year old Entrepreneur.




The Story

Rashid developed an insatiable passion for media production which began during his early teens in Uganda, where he witnessed a video shoot taking place. He was instantly inspired to build his own media empire. Upon graduating in the U.K, he worked tirelessly towards his dream and founded Link Up TV. The rest is history.

Link Up TV is arguably responsible for the recent and rapid rise of UK music stars such as: Section Boyz, Bugzy Malone (**Chip) Tion Wayne and MoStack.


Set for Success

Rashid is also a producer, director, song writer and editor. He started making videos in 2006, and has created a vast array of short films, documentaries and commercials. Rashid has created a young vibrant team of videographers, editors and writers who are all conscious of the unique brand and goal: becoming the No. 1  platform for talent & entertainment.

When asked what inspires him, Rashid discusses having being brought up in Uganda, where he witnessed acute levels of poverty. As a result, upon arriving to the UK he had a clear plan and made the most of every opportunity. His humble upbringing has influenced his relentless work ethic. Rashid is a supremely talented yet unassuming and charismatic young entrepreneur.


Obstacles & Opportunities 

His advice to young people aiming to achieve their goals is, “NEVER procrastinate, just wake up and do it”. Discussing his obstacles when starting out, he expresses the difficulties growing up in an area where everyone thinks you owe them something. He believes that rather than having a sense of entitlement, young people should seek to create their own opportunities.

He also spoke about his previous job at John Lewis, where “all you had to do was fill in gaps; you turn up and do your shift”. Whereas, when you’re self-employed you create those gaps and then you have to fill them in yourself. This, as he explains requires a lot of sacrifice.




We’ll continue to follow the journey of the dynamic young entrepreneur behind Link Up TV!

By Daniel Beckley


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  1. Great article, didn’t know much about the man behind Link up TV till now!


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