17 year old Nigerian girl receives offers from all eight American Ivy league schools

17 year old Augusta Uwamanzu – Source: NYtimes.com

I was actually at a badmington game when the results came out. It was March the 31st which was known as Ivy day. I thought to check after the game but my guidance councellor was anxious so she urged me to check whether I’d gotten accepted into any of the universities that I’d applied for. After I realised I had been accepted by all eight, I cried. I started running around the gym just crying. It was all so overwhelming.’

Sucess is on the horizon for 17 year old graduate Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, who was recently received acceptance offers from all eight Americn Ivy league schools. The 17 year-old Nigerian having acheived a rare feat, described her reaction following the good news.

“It was so surreal,’ Ms. Uwamanzu – Nna said, ” It’s still hard to actually believe that this has happened to me. It’s such a great honour to have gotten into all eight of them because anyone would just dream of getting into one. ” Speaking to Fox news, her mother described how she started yelling on the phone, and how proud and excited she became. On discovering Ms Uwamanzu also has an older brother who attends Cornell University, Her parents were asked to share their secret to success.

Acceptance letters received from top Ivy league schools: Brown, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia Dartmouth and Pennsylvania. Photo captured by Simon Leigh for The Guardian.

”Well, we just sit them down and explain to them where we come from personally. We tell them stories about our beliefs and values in education, being dedicated and going after what you want. Then, we take it from there.” Augusta Uwamanazu-Nna who intends to study Biochemistry combined with Environmental studies, has until May 1st to decide which offer she will accept.

”I haven’t visted any of them actually, but I will use this month to do so. I’d be looking at a place where I feel most comfortable and happy,’ she said.

The acheivement of Uwamanzu follows on from that of fellow Nigerian and Elmont graduate Harold Ekeh, who also drew headlines last year in 2015 after receiving offers from all eight Ivy League schools. Accrediting the support system of Elmont, Uwamanzu touched on the strong community, dedication and presence of the students and teachers.

Elmont Memorial high school on Lond Island, which has had two pupils accepted to all eight Ivy League Schools. Photograph: Simon Leigh for the Guargian.


”We grow up, and we are raised in a community that sees our potential and wants us to reach them. It’s something that I see ingrained in the teachers at Elmont especially as they come in at 6:30am early in the morning and leave late at night around 8pm.” Uwamanzu describes the dedication to their profession as a contributing factor to the sucess stories.


Not bad for both Elmont school graduates. We wish them the very best in their endeavours!

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