Talent Of The Week DANNY WONDERS

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“My major keys: Stay focused. Don’t get bitter get better. Stay true to your vision. Remember why you started. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Know your lane – Never stop learning”

Name: Danny Wonders


                       Talent: Creative Director


Country: Ghana


Location: London


   Achievements: Winner Screen Nation Award 2016

Danny Wonders is the gift that keeps on giving. Talent such as his cannot be hidden and will eventually be recognized on a grand scale. It’s important to realise that this is no ordinary talent. This is greatness in the making.

Rather than talk the talk, Danny effortlessly displays the ability to live out his dreams through lucid images. His life appears to read as an open book of creative fantasies: He dreams therefore he lives.  His world class visuals mean it is only a matter of time…

Before what, you may Wonder?

A simple scroll through his Instagram pictures reveals all. His impeccable skill for the camera reels you in and takes you on a journey – instilling you with the belief that you too, can create anything you choose.


Wonder Vision

Describing himself as a creative director from East London, Danny is a photographer, he directs music videos, short films, web series and adverts.

Explaining how he found himself in creative film and media, he says:

“In school, I didn’t like any subjects apart from Art, English and Music. After my GCSE’s, I chose to study media. I found myself working on a group project which involved a lot of editing. After we had worked to bring together the project from scratch, I thought to myself, ‘Wow! this is something I want to do forever”.




As time progressed, Danny continued to perfect his skill through helping friends and family where he could.

“Once I started creating, I just needed to get my work out there. I have to thank my friend Flex. I approached him to shoot his music video. From then on, I started getting booked to shoot other peoples visuals”.

“It’s all good talking about what you can do but it’s better to show people.”

Danny and his sister Priscilla (who also prides herself as a scriptwriter and film producer) recently produced and directed a web series called called ‘A Lesson Learnt.’ So far, the series has received various awards. Last year, the duo picked up the prestigious Screen Nation Awards.


Hard Work

Giving credit to his sister for her part in A lesson Learnt, Danny says:

“My sister Priscilla wrote the series. I knew it was a great idea once she told me about it. I would summarize it as showing the consequences of actions made by young people going through life.”

“We did everything in the production process ourselves from the writing to the soundtracks. My advice to those out there that have a dream but are waiting on other people: Don’t EVER wait, just do it!”


Having the confidence and persistence to pursue your dreams are excellent qualities to have. Combine that with talent and you have Danny Wonders. He sees an image in his mind and then proceeds to bring it to reality.

We look forward to seeing his work gain the global recognition it deserves…

To see more of Danny check out:







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