The BIG Interview: UTTER Couture


POWER COUPLE Joel & Dami took a leap of faith when they ventured into business together in 2013.  4 years later, we sit down with the proud founders of Fashion boutique UTTER Couture to discuss inspiration, life as young business owners and hopes for the future.


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UTTER Couture






‘UTTER Couture is the only platform for new creatives that mentors, launches and helps to develop brands internationally. UTTER showcases and sells mainly emerging brands, to individuals who love to express themselves through fashion and other cultures outside the mainstream in a time where the high-street feels like an in and out factory. We do this for the people who want to stand out and support the movement.’

Integr8: What inspired you to start UTTERCouture?

U: UTTER Couture came to existence based on our common interest in Fashion. We found the Fashion market too saturated and wanted to set ourselves apart from the high street whilst helping new emerging brands. The essence of what we do is to give new brands a platform to sell their collection(s) to their intended audience.

Integr8: Since starting UTTERCouture in 2013, what would you say has been your biggest success?

UTTER: Not many young people can say that they’ve opened temporary popup stores in London, Los Angeles and Oakland, so we’re pretty proud of that! Opening our first and permanent store in Shoreditch, London was also a great feat for us. We’d always had plans to open the store but it happened sooner than we expected.


Integr8: What do you look for when scouting new fashion brands?

UTTER: When scouting for new designers, we really focus on what their longterm goals are and how they plan on progressing year by year. We have taken on designers from the start of their first collection based on the fact that they had long term plans in place. They were passionate about their brand and understood the importance of quality control.

Integr8: What other minds are involved to help make UtterCouture a success?

UTTER: We get inspiration from everyone around us, whether they work in the creative industry or the tech industry, we like to surround ourselves with young creatives as they are a lot more aware and up to date with current styles and innovative ways of helping us reach our potential consumer(s).

Integr8: We also noticed you’ve started the #uttertalks hashtag. Could you explain the purpose behind it?

UTTER: UTTERTalks is about encouraging and aspiring future generation of creatives who are passionate about working in the industry and would like to know how the different facets work or function whilst listening to people who work in it day-in day-out.

Integr8: What are your favourite style/trends right now?


DAMI: I actually don’t follow trends! so I can’t say I have a favourite style or trend right now. I just love admiring people who dress well regardless of what trend they are sporting.

JOEL: Yeah, same with me – I don’t a favourite style at the moment. My style trend depends on the things I see daily.

Integr8: Where do you find fashion inspiration from?

DAMI: EVERYWHERE! Literally everywhere. From trade shows, fashion shows, high street, everyday life, nature, people – you name it.

JOEL: I concur – Everywhere.

Integr8: Who are your favourite designers/celebrity style?

DAMI: I actually don’t have one. If I’d been asked this question back in 2014, I would have probably said Rihanna.

JOEL: I really like Sunnei, so that would be my favourite designer to date.


Integr8: Being a platform for emerging designers, what are your top tips for people working on building their own fashion lines?

UTTER: Know and be sure of your vision/values and always plan ahead. Retailers want to see that you are at least a season ahead. For us, we are a bit more lenient as we understand how hard it is to be a new designer especially if you don’t have any financial backing. Most retailers however, do not care and can be very brutal. The fashion industry is really competitive so always be a step ahead of the game – oh, and quality control is also must!

Interg8: What are your plans for 2018?

UTTER: We plan on opening more permanent concept stores in London. Aside from that, we are still passionate about taking our emerging brands to different cities so the popups abroad is also in our plan for 2018. We are also growing our in-house menswear and womenswear collection which is fun. 2018, is going to be a good year!



View available pieces & get to know more about UTTER Couture here:





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