Talent Of The Week: Sarah Owusu

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“God is the most famous, talented Artist and the Creator of all creations. I may be the one physically holding the brush, but it is He who executes it all.”


Name: Sarah Owusu


                       Talent: Creative Art


Country: Ghana


Location: London, UK



   Achievements: Founder of Owusuism Art





More About the Artist: 

Self-taught contemporary Artist Sarah Owusu is one of the most talented and distinctive african artists of her generation. A Ghanain born and raised in the UK, Sarah grew up with a natural inclination to express herself through her art. Having studied Fine art at college, she decided to narrow her interest to Contemporary art as evident by her eclectic movement, ‘Owusuism’.

Owusuism derives from her family name Owusu, meaning “Strong Willed and determined.” 

Sarah describes her work as “Bold, bright and distorted, mixed with a strong imagination and a blend of mistakes she chooses not to correct.”

Through mediums of Acrylic and mixed media, she depicts her pieces by painting in a distorted and disorganised fashion where things are not as they are known to be.

The Journey so far..

Sarah has exhibited her work alongside other talented artists. Through Creative Debut, she has also featured in fairs including Other Art Fair. Her work is  exhibited by The Office Group – a company which supports emerging and talented artists by exhibiting work in their offices.

To find out more about Sarah and her work, visit her Website.

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