Interview with Sarah Owusu


Having recently featured Sarah as part of our Talent Of The Week (TOTW) series, we admired her strong passion for her Art, as well as her self-driven determination in achieving her goals. Of course, we felt compelled to find out more about her and her work. As one of Africa’s young, gifted and upcoming creative artists, here’s what Sarah had to say:


Integr8: Sarah, you have a large following on social medial and your brand is becoming quite iconic. What inspires your art?

S.Owusu: Thank you. I gain inspiration from pretty much anything from Africa to anything to do with empowerment and also my own personal experiences.

I: As talented as they may be, many people drop ‘Artsy’ subjects right after college to pursue a more vocational career. Could you give us more of an insight as to why you decided to pursue Art further after GCSE and A-levels/College?

S.O: In a way, it is probably fair to say that I dropped my Artsy subjects as I went on to university and acquired a BSc in Psychology. I found myself constantly running away from Art because of how it’s perceived mainly in the black, especially within the African community. However, every time I would do so, I would find myself itching to paint. I just couldn’t drop my love and my passion for Art.

I suppose the turning point for me was in 2012 when I had an accident and took to the canvas to convey how I was feeling. That eventually led to changing lives based on my testimony which I shared through my paintings. It was in this moment that I discovered my purpose and decided to pursue it on a more serious level.

I: If you have a full time job, how do you balance that with the time it takes to produce a quality piece?

S.O: I do, and it is very difficult balancing the two. What keeps me motivated however, is the thought that if I am able to dedicate most of my day building the dream of the CEO of a company, I must be willing to build on my own dreams when I am finished working for them otherwise my own dreams will never become a reality. This means that although I feel exhausted after work, I have to remind myself why I paint and remember that I am in a temporary situation.


I: You work with Acrylics and mixed media at the moment. Do you plan on venturing into other mediums such as watercolour, chalk, etc?

S.O: Yes definitely! I will be venturing into oils next.

I: You describe yourself as a self-taught contemporary artist. How did you go from painting images as they ought to be, to painting vivid, surreal, imaginative pieces?

S.O: This is a actually a very good question and one that I am not quite sure how to answer. I think it’s purely down to the fact that as an Artist, I do not like to paint anything exactly as I see it. I often distort almost everything I paint so that a different story is told each time.


Sarah Owusu


The aim is really to convey different feelings and emotions. I feel what enables me to do this is my strong use of colour. I am the kind of artist that would paint the sea with every colour under the rainbow, rather than paint it blue – exactly how we see it.

I: Do you have a set palette for each piece of work, or do you tend to ‘go with the flow?’

S.O: Definitely go with the flow! 99% before each painting I do I usually have an image in my mind of how I’d like it to look but it never goes my way! It’s almost as though someone else is painting for me and by that someone else I’m referring to God because although I hold the paint brush in my hand physically, it is He who guides me,

I: How would you like to see Owusuism grow?


S.O: I would like to see Owusuism grow through collaboration with other Artists, brands, exhibitions and for my work to be widely recognised not just by my fellow Africans and people in the UK but all over the world when God says it’s time.

I: Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

S.O: I’m a little obsessed with elephants and pandas I think they are seriously the cutest things ever !

I: Do you have a favourite quote?

S.O: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill

I: We found a little bit about what you’ve been up to since starting the Owusuism movement such as attending exhibitions, and setting up your website and online store. What were some of the challenges you faced or are currently facing on this journey (if any)?

S.O: I would probably say the biggest challenge I face right now is balancing a full time job and painting as it means time is never ever on my side! However this is only a challenge for the now, as my job is something I see as temporary. My goal is to be fully focused on working for myself which will happen.


Confidence! We’re looking forward to seeing Sarah blossom into a global icon. You can check out her work here:


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