Talent Of The Week SCILLA OWUSU

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“Stay in your own lane. Always follow your heart. “THEY” will tell you otherwise but you know. Do what you want to do because only you can see your vision.

Name: Scilla Owusu


Talent(s): Screenwriter & Producer


Country: Ghana


Location: London


   Achievements: Winner Screen Nation Award 2016

Priscilla Owusu comes from a gifted family. Her unique creative talent; being a Screenwriter, Music Video & Film Producer adopts the creative talents of her older siblings, Sarah Owusu and Danny Wonders. A force to be reckoned with at just 20 years of age, Scilla works hard to ensure that all of her projects bear a standard of excellence.

Describing how a passion for writing came into play at a young age, she says:

“When I was younger – whilst waiting for my favourite TV shows, I would write a lot to kill time. As I got to about 13/14 years of age, I was introduced to Wattpad by my friend Leanne, which enabled me to write my own short fiction stories. Now when I look back, I would say writing was always within me I just hadn’t realised it was my purpose yet.”


Breaking Out

Producing and creating visual content came naturally for Scilla after having spent large amounts of time shadowing her brother, Danny Wonders, a much in demand creative Director.

“I spent a lot time shadowing my older brother Danny who has been directing, filming and editing for a while. Because of this, it meant that I could sit with him and watch him import raw footage and see how he would transform it from inception until completion. I found this very interesting and decided that I too wanted to create something of my own. From this, my very first web-series A Lesson Learnt was birthed.”

‘A lesson learnt,’ written by Scilla Owusu and directed by Danny Wonders depicts day to day consequences of reckless actions made by young people going through life. Scilla’s Inspiration for the web series came when she happened upon a viral tweet of an interviewee who was rude to a stranger on the train. Upon arriving at his destination, the interviewee soon realised the stranger on the train was his interviewer.


“I showed the tweet to my mum and she told a similar story that happened when she was in Ghana. Two women had been bickering inside a cab and subsequently found themselves at the same house – belonging to a guy who had been dating both of them at the same time. I thought, “wow, that could make for a good story! I told my brother and he also thought it was a great idea.”

Despite limited financial resources and launching the web series through an independent Youtube channel (with few subscribers), A Lesson Learnt garnered over 100,000 views in its first season. “100K views may not seem like a lot but for my first online series I was very happy. It was launched on an independent YouTube Channel, the numbers are still growing till this date.”

So far, the series has received various awards. Last year, the duo picked up the prestigious Screen Nation Awards. Season two is scheduled to be released later this year. Watch this space!

Other Projects…

Aside from working on A Lesson Learnt, Scilla is an advocate for Sickle Cell awareness & Young Girls Education in Ghana. She is extremely passionate about spreading awareness and is currently raising money for both of these causes. Check out and share her JustGiving page here!

To help bring attention to her passionate causes, Scilla is taking part in Miss Ghana UK 2017. We’re looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for this super talented creative. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter to keep-up-to-date!!




S C I L L A  O W U S U

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